Queens’ researchers are taking the initiative to expand on ways the FASD is assessed. In this case – eye movements.

The NineZero Project is grateful to those who are educating, researching, preventing, and helping those with and for FASD. Thank you – Queens continue the research!

Article snippet:

The Queen’s researchers are continuing to develop novel approaches for using eye movements to assess brain function. In collaboration with Doug Munoz, director of Queen’s Centre for Neuroscience Studies, they are using the university’s functional MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) facility to measure differences in brain activity in children with developmental disorders such as FASD and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). They are building a database of task performance and brain functioning across many clinical populations.

“This is very exciting because it points us toward using eye movements to show differences in clinical populations,” says Dr. Reynolds. “Once we understand what ‘typical’ development looks like, we can use the same tools to identify signature characteristics of each of the disorders.”

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Explaining the mission and goals for the NineZero Project

It is my job to explain the NineZero project in my first few blogs. We are a private nonprofit agency that provides services and supports to people with intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities in Riverside County, California.

We also have several advocacy initiatives and this prevention project. We are part of a network of nationwide affiliated chapters of The Arc of the United States (arcriverside.org). With the help of teachers, students, health professionals and a wonderful staff over the last seven years, we have created resources that many organizations are using for education and awareness of FASD throughout the country.

We have converted our website into a blog to make this project more interactive and our materials easier to access. We realized that every community in the country should take this issue seriously and as a nonprofit organization we are dedicated to providing our resources to you inexpensively (many are free) while still keeping this project financially viable. We will have much more to say over the next few weeks but for now let your fingers do the clicking.

– Jim Stream

Welcome to the NineZero Project of The Arc of Riverside County

NineZero literally means Nine Months, Zero Alcohol and is our trademarked word for a project that educates and creates public awareness of a serious public health issue – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

NineZero is becoming the name and the project many organizations across the country recognize as the leader for FASD prevention.

You have come to the right place if you are:

  • A school administrator or teacher and want a peer taught curriculum for class presentations that educates and provides students with public speaking and leadership skills.
  • A student and want to get involved in a prevention project that will help your peers avoid a serious health problem.
  • A county health professional or community leader that wishes to start a campaign to prevent the number one cause of intellectual disabilities – maternal drinking during pregnancy causing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders — in your community, or augment an existing campaign.
  • A health professional wanting additional resources.
  • A person with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (or a family member of this person) that wants to help spread the NineZero message.
  • A community member or leader that “thinks global and acts local” and is not wanting to reinvent the wheel to get word out about this urgent health problem.
  • A concerned citizen or granting agency that wishes to contribute to a worthwhile cause.

The Arc of Riverside County Receives Grant from The Community Foundation to Purchase Wheelchairs

Riverside, CA –

The Arc of Riverside County, a nonprofit agency that provides services and supports for individuals with intellectual disabilities, received a grant from The Community Foundation to purchase wheelchairs and other mobility related equipment.

The grant is part of The Community Foundation’s James Bernard and Mildred Jordan Tucker Fund, which was established to benefit people with mobility issues. Other areas funded by The Community Foundation include academics, scientific research, health and human services, youth and families, arts and culture, and others. The grant will provide The Arc of Riverside County with electric lifts and u-slings used to prevent occupational injuries that result from the manual lifting of individuals, padded mats to safeguard against the potential for injuries caused by falls, and recliner chairs to provide individuals with comfortable and safe places to sit when resting outside of their wheelchairs.

The grant will also provide The Arc of Riverside County with four new wheelchairs to reduce the number of wheelchair-related absences the agency encounters when the people they serve send their wheelchairs in for repairs and other maintenance. At times, this prevents these individuals from attending The Arc’s day programs where they receive important services.

Director of Programs Barbara Vincent is ecstatic about the grant, “These items are really going to help. We’ve got more people who need wheelchairs than we do wheelchairs, so we’re ecstatic about this grant,” she said.

The Community Foundation is a public, nonprofit charitable organization established in 1941 to meet the needs of the people of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Each year, the Foundation gives millions of dollars to fund scholarships and grants. The Community Foundation is located at 4280 Latham Street in Riverside, and can be reached at (951) 684-4194.
The Arc of Riverside County is a 54 year-old nonprofit organization that provides services, supports and advocacy for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families at facilities located throughout Western Riverside County.

The agency is headquartered at 8138 Mar Vista Court, Riverside, CA 92504.